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In a remote corner of the universe lies a planet, home to a unique race of silicon-based life forms. The proximity of their world to its star ensures a sweltering environment, leading to the birth of beings grounded in quartz—a silicon derivative. These creatures possess a peculiar characteristic: they rely solely on sunlight to reproduce and thrive.

Yet, their existence faces a cosmic challenge. Another planet orbits between them and their vital sun, casting a decade-long shadow upon their world every fifty years. This celestial event forces the silicon civilization into a state of hibernation, conserving energy during this prolonged absence of sunlight.

However, a crisis unfolds after one such dormancy. Our protagonist awakens unexpectedly, only to find ruins where a flourishing society once stood. From the remnants of an archaic recording device, the protagonist learns a chilling truth: he's been dormant for roughly two thousand years. For reasons unknown, their society failed to reawaken after the last eclipse, casting them into a millennia-long slumber.

Driven by a thirst for truth and a determination to revive their lost civilization, our hero embarks on a perilous quest. Dive into a world of "Silight" to uncover the mysteries of a fallen empire and witness a tale where silicon meets light.

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