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​Preparing& Sketch

In the conceptual design phase of "Samara," the tribal character design is a crucial aspect that not only showcases the cultural backdrop of the game but also lays the foundation for the world-building of the game. In the preparatory stage, we amassed a wealth of reference images from ancient Chinese periods and Shamanic culture, and delved into the Buddhist theory of the Six Realms of Rebirth to ensure accuracy and originality in design.

During the conceptual sketching stage, our focus was on exploring diverse character imagery, attire, adornments, and weapon designs to unveil the unique culture and social standing of each tribe. Our design approach melds ancient cultural elements with modern game design philosophies to create deep and appealing character designs. Through conceptual drawings, we are able to portray the character’s persona, background, and positioning within the game world.

Each conceptual drawing undergoes meticulous refinement and repeated revisions to ensure they accurately convey our design intent and provide a clear reference for subsequent model making and animation design. Through these conceptual sketches, we aspire to present a rich, vivid world of Samara to players.

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