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​Sam Huang

Personal Profile

I am a dedicated professional with expertise in art design tailored for video games, animations, and films. One of my notable strengths is a robust comprehensive capability complemented by an adaptive learning prowess. I thrive in venturing into novel domains and maintain stringent standards for artistic styles.


Currently, my proficiency lies predominantly in understanding the intricacies of game art and 3D animation production processes. Additionally, I bring to the table valuable experience in game art and visual design. My adept communication skills, coupled with a resilience in managing unforeseen challenges, have proven invaluable in collaborative environments. As I look to the future, my aspiration is to delve deeper into the realms of visual design or direction. I harbor a profound passion for the design nuances of dark-themed games and expansive role-playing games.



The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

  • Major: Art Management in Fine Arts.

  • Received specialized training and education in art appreciation.

  • Self-taught 3D design and visual design alongside my formal education.

  • Organized six city-level performance events with the school's support, taking charge of the main visual design, motion graphics, stage design, and related merchandise design for three of these events.


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

  • Major: Animation, Game & Interactive Design.

  • Participated in the NetEase Independent Game Creation for College Students and won the Best Individual Game Group Design Award.

  • Earned an internship opportunity with NetEase overseas as a reward during this period.

  • Graduated as a distinction student in December 2022.

Working experiences



I facilitated collaboration between the 2D and
3D teams, assisting my supervisor with tasks such as material creation,
rendering, poster design, UI & UX design, and promotional video
production. Additionally, I independently completed a game art design



Yephome is a technology and creative company, where I am responsible
for almost all visual design, including production of advertisements,
animations, videos, and interactive designs. I also collaborate with the IT
department to develop interactive concepts, such as the combination of
metahuman and chatgpt using Unreal Engine functionality.

Get in Touch

+61 0424271861


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