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Environment design

Prayer Wheel Pavilion Scene

In a realm dominated by the cycle of Samsara, the Prayer Wheel Pavilion stands as a pivotal religious site, a sanctum for expressing faith and voicing prayers. These wheels, rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, exude ancient and mystical allure. Each rotation symbolizes the echoing of Buddhist scriptures and reverence for the cycles of reincarnation. Inside the pavilion, wisps of incense smoke curl upwards, and the devout, holding their prayer wheels, silently recite scriptures, praying for liberation in the next life.

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Rendering in Blender


Demon-Suppressing Coffin Ritual Scene

In this turbulent world, where the cyclical balance of souls is disrupted, malevolent spirits frequently disturb the mortal realm. To counteract these disturbances, ancient shamans performed rituals to suppress these evil spirits. At the center of the scene lies an ancient coffin, employed by shamans to seal and subdue the restless entities. Surrounding it are rings of talismans and candles; their flames intertwine with the darkness, creating an atmosphere both solemn and enigmatic, symbolizing the eternal battle between light and shadow.

Rendering in Blender

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