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Player design

Samara (The Buddhist Cycle of Samsara):

Protagonist Design Introduction

In a land governed by the cycle of Samsara, shamans, with their unique identity and culture, maintain the balance of the tribe and the world. The protagonist, being a shaman of the old world tribe, embodies the depth and mystique of shamanic culture in every detail.

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Mask Design:

The mask worn by our protagonist is captivating. Far from being a mere decoration, it stands as a revered symbol within the tribe, representing the intimate bond between the shaman and the spiritual realm. Patterns and carvings on the mask narrate tales of the six realms, closely tied to Buddhist beliefs.

Shamanic Culture: As a shamanic priest, the protagonist possesses the ability to communicate with deities and spirits. Tattoos on his body and the ornaments he wears signify the mystical powers of the shaman and the traditions of the tribe.

Sense of Vengeful Mission:

When the tribe was annihilated, the protagonist lost his home and kin. The severed arm serves as a reminder of the past, a vow for vengeance. In this chaotic land, the protagonist, fueled by a blazing desire for revenge, aims to restore the tribe's glory.

Sketch concept

​Display in Unreal

Rendering in Blender

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